A new star is rising

The financial industry is undergoing a radical change. This is no surprise, as more and more banking clients have grown weary of standardized products. What they want instead are solutions which are tailored to their needs as well as banking which take their values and principles seriously. insha seeks to reshape the banking world and give people what they want. This mission is emblematised by our name, which means "Building" and "Making". It is also no coincidence that a star serves as our symbol: A star embodies the feeling of safety in the night, provides orientation, and promises a better tomorrow. With insha, we’ve built a banking service that redefines Islamic Banking and makes it ready for the digital age. It’s a service by the young Generation for young Generation – and everyone who cares about what is done with their money. It’s a service where people can feel safe and discover new opportunities at the same time. It’s a service that points the way to a bright future.